About Us

we heart coopsWe are an all-volunteer Steering Committee dedicated to building PACA into a strong organization that can advance the cooperative movement in the Philadelphia area.

Our work is done through several subcommittees. To see how you can contribute, visit the Get Involved page.

Public Policy Committee

The PACA Public Policy Committee explores ways that PACA can make sure that regional government policy and agencies support the growth of the cooperative economy.  The committee got a City Council Resolution passed (pdf) on January 26, 2012 proclaiming the importance of cooperatives in the Philadelphia area.  The committee also has ongoing research on local government support for cooperatives (pdf).

Education Committee

The PACA Education Committee was formed in December 2012 and is beginning to design educational opportunities for co-ops and co-op members in the Philadelphia area.

Communications Committee

The PACA Communications Committee is developing a communications infrastructure and will be working to identify ways co-ops can jointly share information about our co-ops.

Finance Committee

The PACA Finance Committee is pursuing fundraising opportunities and determining the budget.

Other tasks we are working on include:

  • 501(c)3 incorporation
  • conducting a study on the economic impact of cooperatives in collaboration with Haverford College
  • developing a loan fund for cooperatives
  • exploring starting a university center for the study of cooperatives

How PACA was formed

Born in the planning stages of the June 13, 2012 conference, the Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance is continuing to make progress on its own organizational development in the midst of its varied projects. In February 2012 a commitment was made to creating a membership organization for area co-ops with a board and staff. In March PACA formulated its mission: “to improve the Philadelphia region by growing the cooperative economy.”

At our Nov 10, 2012 Co-op Summit we further discussed our vision, mission, and goals along with our membership structure and governance. Our new steering committee is now charged with the task of moving us forward including incorporation, bylaws, and member recruitment–as we continue with our projects: an economic impact study of regional co-ops, public policy initiatives, and the establishment of a co-op loan fund.